Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage

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Allows players to safely work on cold zones and develop their swing

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4 in

Baffle net 10 ft

Baseball activity

Black thud pad with grommets

Collapse 20 ft

D x 52 in

Dual observation platforms let coaches give direction and support to the batter while keeping them protected behind sturdy EHT netting

Dual observation platforms let coaches stand behind the batter and give direction

Foldable design

Foul balls are absorbed by ricochet padding and an extra baffle net, minimizing the chance of balls bouncing back toward a player






Heavy duty 3.5 mm weather-treated EHT netting with extra baffle net

Heavy-duty EHT netting resist wear and weather to maintain batting practice safety

Interior cage 18 ft

L x 10 ft

L x 13.5 ft

L x 20 ft

L x 22 ft

Lockable dolly lift system and pneumatic tires roll easily on and off the field to make setting up BP easy

Made from aluminum

Nylon reinforced 18 oz

Overall 13.5 ft

Pad 68 in

Players can take confident practice swings in this BIG BUBBA Elite Batting Cage, which keeps foul balls and missed pitches contained for player safety and easy cleanup

Pneumatic tires

Pneumatic tires 8.5 in

Portability and storage are made easy by the pneumatic tires and lockable dolly lift system, which let you quickly set up and break down the cage for training sessions.

Premium ricochet padding for most frame work

Royal color


W x 12 ft

W x 18 in

W x 4 in

W x 5.5 ft

W x 5.5 ft

Warranty One year


Thick black thud pad absorbs impacts from passed or missed pitches

Vinyl skirt